How Can You Tell If You Have Bees

How Can You Tell If You Have Bees?— Expert Advice From Your Bee Relocation Expert

Bees, no matter how precious they are to the earth, pose a safety hazard. Their stings are painful and could even cause a serious allergic reaction in people who are allergic to bee stings. While they are commonly known to build nests in the ground, walls, trees, attics and underneath roof beams, locating them can be quite complicated, sometimes calling for the expertise of a professional.

Bee signals could start with one bee on your flower pots in the patio, to a full-blown infestation in your yard. The big question is, how do you know whether these are just bees passing by or you have a full-blown infestation? Here are the top signs to look out for to determine whether you have a bee infestation:

  1. An Abnormally High Bee Activity.

Seeing one or two bees in your yard is not a cause for concern. Whenever you see an excessive amount of bees in your garden or yard however, it may be time to call on to your professional bee relocation company. Bees may visit your property and find a proper location to set up a nest.

  1. Dead bees.

You could see dead bees on floors, near doors, or even window sills. Even if you are yet to locate the bee nest, this is a top sign that bees are making a nest in your attic or walls.

  1. Holes in Wooden Structures.

A type of bee, called carpenter bees are popular for bring holes into wooden structures and building a nest there. When they infest your home, you will come across numerous holes on your wooden decks and other stationery structures that are made of wood.

  1. Buzzing noises.

Other times, you may not come face to face with a bee. You might constantly hear buzzing sounds around you. Some walls may have nests that will make quite some noise from all the bee activity.

  1. Presence of bee nests.

You might see empty bee nests in the ground or come across them under the eaves of your roof. Even though you may not have come across a bee at the time, nests are considered a top signal f the presence of bees. Other times, the bees might have been removed but nests left, yet these contain honey that is decomposing over time. In such cases, you’ll notice unpleasant odours which may leave dark spots on walls and ceilings.

Call for Profesional Bee Relocation Services.

If you have observed any of the above signs, which will most of the times be accompanied by two or more another signs, it may be time to call for bee relocation services. We offer bee control solutions that are safe for your family and safe for the environment. Bees are vital to the survival of humanity, therefore should be preserved. While DIY solutions may exterminate the bees, we endvour to take care of them too by moving them to a safe loation.

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