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Mar 052012

Yesterday was the first “Allotment Sunday.” It was a pruning and cutting day.

We cut down a cherry tree, which was quite dead. Poor thing. The wood is so hard and red. I’ll try to use the bark to dye some wool.

It is difficult to cut trees, even dead ones, let alone unwanted living ones. We cut down three young box elder trees , which were blocking the light to the garden. The sap ran out of them, clear tree blood… (at first these trees were mistakenly ID’d as ash — now we know — all that blood syrup, gone to waste). They are now part of the crazy make-shift fence.

Cutting the Ash

Cutting the Box Elder

Here is a dead cherry tree stump that will stay the way it is for awhile for one reason: Kasper loves chopping at.

Chopping the Cherry

Chopping the Cherry