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May 032012

Miejska Zielenina - Urban Greens - May 5On Saturday May 5 at 11.00, we will be putting seeds and seedlings of herbs and veges into the “Urban Greens” boxes outside my apartment block.

Please come! In Ochota / Rakowiec at Pawinskiego 29 on the South Side of the building.

(W sobotę 5 maja 11.00, będziemy zasadź sadzonki w skrzynce “Miejska Zielenina” obok budynku w moim osiedle na Rakowcu — zapraszam!)

The boxes were vandalized only once, right after they were built. On Halloween someone threw all the straw out onto the ground, which was easy to fix. Yeah, I just put it back in. In six months, this is all the garbage I found in the boxes: two bits of paper, a cigarette butt, and a beer bottle cap.

A small bit of trashSo when people say you can’t do anything in public in Poland because someone will destroy it, well, it isn’t always true.

This is what the boxes, which we prepared in October 2011, look like now. The green manure in the more distant box is about 1 foot tall. The manure was a mix of winter rye, field peas, ryegrass, crimson clover and hairy vetch, but only the rye grass really took.Garden Boxes in May The straw shrunk down about 15 cm. Tomorrow we’ll do a dirt-straw-compost exchange between Railroad Garden, which lacks straw and compost, and here, which lacks dirt.

Today I cut down the rye grass in preparation and spread it over the bed. Rye Grass cut and spread over garden beds

See you Saturday! Do zobaczenie w sobotę!