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May 282017

Conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 28C/10C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Rakowiec: Road verge




May 222017

Conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 22C/9C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Rakowiec: Garden allotment

Jerusalem artichoke: in situ

Jerusalem artichoke: leaf


Jerusalem artichoke: stem


May 212017

Conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 27C/14C
Location: Warsaw, Bemowo: Las Bemowo


Here is a seedling of watercress I’m trying to grow in my garden. Last year it was a failure. This year, something is happening….


May 202017

Conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 27C/12C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Rakowiec: Garden allotment

April-May: Seedlings emerge (feathery ones)


Late May: Flowering


May 192017

Conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 25C/12C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Rakowiec: Garden allotment

May 19: seedlings are coming up at this time:


June 19: some plants are already flowering or almost ready to:

May 182017

Conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 24C/11C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Stary Ochota: Park




May 172017

Conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 22C/8C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Rakowiec: Garden allotment

Late April to mid May: Seedlings are coming up


May 142017

Conditions: Mostly Sunny
Temperature: 22C/8C
Location: Warsaw, Praga północ: Bank of Wisła

Wild chervil: in situ


The leaf is very parsley or celery-like, not feathery like a carrot.

Wild chervil: leaf


The stem is hairy and can be reddish, which makes it easy to confuse with Poison hemlock. Poison hemlock is NOT hairy.

Wild chervil: stem


Notice the C-shaped, curved leaf stem, looking a bit like a slide….

Wild chervil: Leaf stem

May 122017

Conditions: Partly Sunny
Temperature: 18C/4C
Location: Warsaw, Mokotów, Stary Mokotów: Road Verge

Thistle: In situ

Thistle: leaf

May 102017

Conditions: Rainy
Temperature: 12C/6C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Rakowiec: Yard of Apartment block

Fir, Jodła, Abies: branch


Fir, Jodła, Abies: edible bud

Fir, Jodła, Abies: in situ


May 062017

Conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 24C/11C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Szczęsliwice: Yard of Apartment block

Burdock, Łopian, Arctium lappa: In situ

Burdock, Łopian, Arctium lappa: Leaf

May 052017

Conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 21C/11C
Location: Warsaw, Mokotów, Stary Mokotów: Street verge

Chickweed, Gwiazdnica, Stellaria media: In situ

Chickweed, Gwiazdnica, Stellaria media: leaf

Chickweed, Gwiazdnica, Stellaria media: Flower