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Jadalnia Warszawa (Warsaw Canteen)



JADALNIA WARSZAWA (Warsaw Diner) is an experimental map-making project to explore and mark sites for wild food, fruits, bioindicators, and the traces of land use by humans and animals as a means to understand and assess the health of our city. It is a long-term project originated and implemented by Jodie Baltazar and Paulina Jeziorek and consists of a series of urban walks/hikes which started in May 2013 and continues today!

Jadalnia Warszawa uses all means of data collection: marking directly on paper copies of maps, adding date through mobile phones to and, recording media information, such as audio, photographs, video etc. As the project progresses, we will store information on a website, google maps or The ways in which we develop and present the information/graphical maps progresses as the project does.

JADALNIA WARSZAWAThe aim of walks is:

Mapping the Neighborhood: Exploration of urban space; creating maps of urban food crops such as fruit trees and shrubs, edible flowers, herbs, medicinal plants, and plants used for dyeing fabrics. By identifying specific plants that grow on the land, we can assess the type and health of soil. We also collect information on unoccupied buildings, abandoned plots, as wells as temporary structures and signs and traces of consumption and human subsistence activity (trash, eating, fires).

Monitoring of soil: While walking, we will collect soil samples from selected sites and transmit it to the laboratory. We may also conduct other tests of the soil as to its structure and composition. In this way we will be able to assess which of the sites are suitable for harvesting crops. The data will be used to verify the stereotypes about growing plants in the city and urban consumption of edible plants.

This is an outgrowth of Pixxe’s “Edible Warsaw” to learn about, locate, and document wild edible food and fruits growing in Warsaw, Poland. It began in May 2011 with our first wild food forage walk organized by Jodie Baltazar and Wojtek Mejor in Bielany as well as an excursion to Fort Augustów. In 2012, we started to add information to a Google map. The project was joined by foragers Sławomir Sendzielski and Dorenda Schneider. Many foraging walks and parts of Warsaw have been mapped.   Click here for all the posts about EDIBLE WARSAW.