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Mar 132011

It’s difficult to identify trees at all, but especially difficult in winter. It’s March so obviously there are no leaves. I start with the easy ones. I’ve figured out that the one in the picture below must be a walnut. There are a lot of walnuts on the ground for one thing, but also the walnut branch has a very unique chambered pith inside the branches. There are three of these fellows. Huge, healthy looking things:

Walnut tree - Orzech Włoski

Walnut tree - Orzech Włoski

There are also three fruit trees–I think either pear or apple. This being Poland, most likely they are apple. One looks pretty healthy although in desperate need of pruning. The other two don’t look so good. In fact half of one of them is on the ground. The other one is half missing. They are all full of dead branches, crossing branches; they look miserable.

There is also a mystery tree. I think it might be a plum because I found some pits under it, but the pits are few and look like they’ve been there a long time. Maybe it no longer gives fruit. Some vines are strangling it.

There are also trees that I think must be cherry–cherry pits on the ground, dark peeling bark. But what kind of cherry? Two choices: wild cherry (czereśnia) or regular cherry (wiśnia). Three look pretty healthy and two are completely dead.

Cherry Tree - Czereśnia

Cherry Tree - Czereśnia?

There are also many small alder, which is great because they improve the soil, and many ash trees, some of which will be removed because they block the southern exposure and are crowding the only healthy apple tree. There are a few other trees I can’t identify yet.