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May 012011

Today, my husband started filling the hole in the fence or rather building the part that wasn’t there. To block the hole, I had just piled up a bunch of branches, but this looks much better. It’s a little weird to put a fence up. A fence says, “stay out” and “it’s not yours”. I don’t really want people to stay out, and the space isn’t really mine, but it seems that if I want the plants to be safe and for the land to stay clean of garbage, it has to be done. Anyway, it is going to be a beautiful fence! It’s constructed entirely out of materials found in the space.

Fence of self-supporting sticks

Fence of self-supporting sticks

I hope in future I can work on the space outside the fence too. I’d like to put up resting spots for people to kick back and watch the train, some sort of recycling and garbage receptacles, flowers , vines growing on the fences. Maybe in the fall…

  2 Responses to “Building fences without tools”

  1. […] a while I just piled branches in front of the gap. In May, we built a make-shift fence out of sticks. It was a lovely thing. But over the summer some jerk knocked it down, so we built a […]

  2. Hope you show progress reports on this. It looks great, so much better than the manufactured ones. I am using dead escallonia to make supports for the still live part of the hedge which as got very leggy. Had to takes the briars out first which was a major pain.