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Mar 142011

There’s this great thing called a wattle fence. It’s great because of what it is (a fence made entirely out of sticks) and also because of the word W-A-T-T-L-E. I like to knit and there’s nothing better than knitting with gigantic tree branches. Technically it’s weaving, I suppose, because basically you brace some vertical poles (the warp) and then weave in the horizontal ones (the weft). Here’s a wattle fence for dry compost I built from Hazel trees (which at the time I thought were Alder trees). The many-trunked hazel trees are visible on either side of the wattle.

Wattle fence for dry compost

Wattle fence for slow dry compost

This compost pile is an experiment in slow motion composting. It has whole dry leaves in alternative layers with fresh grass or leaves .

Wattle fence for dry compost - Close up

Wattle fence for slow dry compost - Close up

I also used some vines and smaller branches to wattle a hole in the fence. Wattling in this way takes an waful long time.

Wattle for a whole in the fence

Wattle for a whole in the fence

Here is a wattle in progress. I’m trying to block a cat hole at the bottom.

Wattle in progress

Wattle in progress

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