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Nov 012012
Mikko and the Egg

Mikko and the Egg

Trashformers! …. More than meets the eye
Trashformers! …. Fixers in disguise
Trashformers wage the battle to destroy the evil forces of …. consumerism!

Yes, friends, that’s the best I could do. One doesn’t want to mess too much with genius television cartoon lyrics! A couple of months ago, back when it was warm, I went to a tiny spot in the former GDR, now simply called The Eastern Part of Germany, in a cool little place called Lausitzer Zeitreisen, and along with about 19 other awesome people made …. things …. out …. of …. TRASH! It was a meeting organized by Berlin’s fabulous TRIAL AND ERROR. THANKS!

Many others have posted links and photos about the gathering, so first I share:
ARTICLE: (Romanian /English)
ARTICLE: (Spanish)
ARTICLE: (English)

It was called TRASHFORMERS. I didn’t bring a camera (broken!) and so a very grateful thanks to TauMH of Trial & Error for taking and sharing these pictures.

If you look at those pictures, you’ll see all the wonderful things we made: rabbit cages, silk screens, puppet theaters, puppets, paper, books, chairs, loungers, rocket stoves, sauna/sweat lodge, art, plus we learned a lot about group decision making and collaboration.

I got very  inspired with all the amazing metal objects lying around the place and made something I haven’t made for a very long time —  A DRUM KIT OUT OF JUNK! I built it right into the ground, as an addition to the kids playground that was already on the spot. The old washing drum had such a sweet sound! Ahh…. Here’s some pics (all taken by Tau).

Radu and I having a good scream!
Screaming Drummers

Sasha and Mark jamming!
Sasha and Mark jamming

Dingers from old washing machines!
Dingers from old washing machines

Detail of the lashing!
Lashing and wooden supports

My favorite part: a high hat made out of birch blocks!
Birch Block High Hat

Drumsticks out of cotton batting and sticks!
Cotton batting and sticks for Drumsticks

Making the sticks!
Making Drumsticks

Jodie the Semi-Conductor!
Jodie the Semi-Conductor