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Jun 032017

Conditions:  Sunny
Temperature: 21C/8C
Location: Warsaw, Mokotów, Wyględów: Street verge




Jun 022017

Conditions: Mostly sunny
Temperature: 21C/9C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Rakowiec: Yard of Apartment block




Jun 012017

Conditions: Partly Cloudy
Temperature: 17C/11C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Rakowiec: Garden allotment




Here is a rather small seedling of Wood sorrel:


May 302017

Conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 28C/11C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Rakowiec: Street verge




This is the bark of a mature elder:


May 292017

Conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 27C/14C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Rakowiec: Garden allotment

Here is a mushroom whose spores got carried in with wood chips a few years ago. Each year the mushrooms get bigger and more beautiful. I realize that I forgot to take a photo of the gills, which are a pale pink —




May 152017

Conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 20C/9C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Rakowiec: Garden allotment

Wild arugula: in situ


Wild arugula: leaf

Wild rocket: seedling


May 142017

Conditions: Mostly Sunny
Temperature: 22C/8C
Location: Warsaw, Praga północ: Bank of Wisła

Wild chervil: in situ


The leaf is very parsley or celery-like, not feathery like a carrot.

Wild chervil: leaf


The stem is hairy and can be reddish, which makes it easy to confuse with Poison hemlock. Poison hemlock is NOT hairy.

Wild chervil: stem


Notice the C-shaped, curved leaf stem, looking a bit like a slide….

Wild chervil: Leaf stem

May 122017

Conditions: Partly Sunny
Temperature: 18C/4C
Location: Warsaw, Mokotów, Stary Mokotów: Road Verge

Thistle: In situ

Thistle: leaf

May 102017

Conditions: Rainy
Temperature: 12C/6C
Location: Warsaw, Ochota, Rakowiec: Yard of Apartment block

Fir, Jodła, Abies: branch


Fir, Jodła, Abies: edible bud

Fir, Jodła, Abies: in situ


Sep 132013

Today we collected 20 kg of fruit for tomorrow’s JAM SESSION

  • 2 kg cornelian cherry (dereń)
  • 5 kg apples (jabłek)
  • 10 kg pears (gruszki)
  • 1 kg plums (śliwki)
  • 2 kg grapes (winogrona)
  • 1 kg aronia (aronia)
  • 2 kg elderberry (czarne bez)
  • 250 g blackberries (jeżyna), which were eaten on the spot

Click on the pics for a little story.

Aug 312013
Aug 292013

Jadalnia Warszawa 10 MapWe kindly invite you to the final walk in association with the Center of Contemporary Art in Warsaw.

On Sunday, September 1 we will explore the actual terrain of the Zielony Jazdów event, as well as take a peek at the north end of the Scarp, which we didn’t manage to cover in the last walk.

Once again we plan to EAT, so bring something to share — some dressing for salad, bread, jam, cheese, nuts, whatever you like. This time we’ll pull the table out onto the terrain of Zielony Jazdów and perhaps convince some passersby to taste the wildness of the castle.