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Apr 222017

Conditions: Mostly Sunny
Temperature: 10C/2C
Location: Warsaw, Mokotów, Wyględów: Street verge

Lime, Lipa, TIllia: In situ

Lime, Lipa, TIllia: Branch

Lime, Lipa, TIllia: Leaf

Apr 072017

APRIL 1 – 7

Lesser celandine (Leaves; Flowers)

Hops (Shoots)

Nettles (Leaves, very young)

Clover (Leaves, very young)

Violet (Leaves; Flowers)

Garlic Mustard (Leaves, very young)

Shepherd’s purse  (Leaves, very young)

Ramsons (Leaves)

Birch (Leaves, very young)

Broad-leaved dock  (Leaves, very young)

Tansy (Leaves, very young)

Mugwort  (Leaves, very young)

Ground elder (Leaves)

Dandelion (Leaves, very young; Roots)

Coltsfoot (Flower)

Watercress (Leaves)



Aug 252014

This year I grew a lot of purple food, which all seemed to come ripe at the same time. Here we have: eggplant (two varieties), red basil, thai basil, black cherry tomatoes, Iko peppers, red russian kale, red curly kale and blueberries. Other purple/dark red food that I grew: red okra, blackberries, black currants, red lettuce, red peppers, black beans, red popcorn & cherokee tomatoes (the best tasting tomato I ever grew….)

Purple Food

Purple Food